In Saudi Arabia, the traditional Dress for men is a Thobe (also known as a Thawb or Dishdasha), which is a long, loose-fitting robe made of lightweight cotton or wool. Thobes typically come in white, beige, or light-colored fabrics and are worn to keep the wearer cool in the hot Desert Climate.

Additionally, men in Saudi Arabia may wear a head covering called a ghutra or shemagh, which is a large square of fabric that is folded and draped over the head and shoulders. It is usually made of cotton or silk and comes in a variety of colors, although white is the most common.

The ghutra is held in place by a black rope called an agal, which is coiled around the head and secured with a small black band. The agal was originally used to keep the ghutra in place during sandstorms and has since become a symbol of masculinity and authority.

Finally, men in Saudi Arabia may also wear sandals or leather shoes called najdi or harri. These shoes are often embellished with embroidery and have pointed toes.

It is worth noting that in more formal settings, such as business meetings or weddings, men may wear more elaborate or expensive versions of these traditional garments, and may also opt for a tailored suit and tie.

Thobe for Men in Medina

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